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Seeing the hearty and hearing the 'burpy' response, we embarked on this journey to serve you the most delicious ready-to-cook snacks like Gulab Jamun, Basundi Sweet, Kheer, Dhokla, Readymade Gulab Jamun Mix, Manchurian, Moong Dal Bhaji Mix and Readymade Basundi.

Authentic, happy, taste-filled and ready-to-cook. What are you waiting for? Like it here - and cook it there (wherever you are right now).

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Trekkers mostly spend their time in mountains and other isolated places. They have very little time and resource for cooking food. Shara with a range of different instant mix product is an ideal option for quick and tasty cooking.

House Wife

For all the working moms out there, who hardly have any time left after household chores, shara products are very helpful to prepare tasty snacks and sweet dishes within a very short time.

Working Proffesional

After a hectic day at office, there is a urge for some snacks. Shara snacks are easy and quick to prepare. Just a few minutes for preparing and then you can feast on the deliciously cooked snacks.


Students leaving in hostel crave for some homemade food. Shara instant mix is a handy option for them. They can cook various dishes using Shara products.

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Our Customer Says

Thank God we have Shara mix. Or else cooking can sometimes be such a time and effort consuming job. It is really a blessing for all those who do not have much time.

Abhijeet Dalvi

Shara Gulab Jamun mix is my favourite. Last week I had a small family get together at my home and I had prepared Gulab jamun. They were really very tasty and everyone loved it.

Rizwan Syed

I am an It professional living with 3 more room mates. We had tried Shara idli mix and Shara dhokla mix about 6 months before. Now it has became a norm, every Sunday we try Shara different products.

Gauri Vaidya

Shara products are a favourite of my family. Ragi dhokla mix and moong dhokla mix is a good option for my children. It is a perfect blend of taste and nutrition.

Jamie Erickson Manager